Our mission:

To know Christ and to make Him known

with The Collegiate Navigators in Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio


Fall Conference

Can one weekend make a difference in your life? We think so. ENCOUNTER 2018 is a great time to experience God and discover your identity in a new way.

Exploring your future

This weekend getaway is the perfect time to explore what it’s really like to come on staff with the Navigators. Connect personally with staff across the Great Lakes Region as you learn about EDGE Corps (a one- to two-year commitment to learn and grow in ministry), and meet other like-minded students who may end up being your co-workers!

Discipleship Weekend
Spring Retreat


What are spiritual generations? How does discipleship work, really? Is coffee the answer to everything? Join us for this weekend to dive deep into spiritual growth in community and discipling relationships.

St. Pete STP
Summer Program


Summer can be boring or fruitful. Which would you choose? Find out how to spend your summer living in a team of students, working, and learning ways to grow deeper in your faith.